Nuclear Command, Control & Communications (NC3) Program Executive Officer (PEO)

Acquisition Programs: 

  • Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal (ASNT) Inc 1
  • Global ASNT Inc 2
  • Minuteman Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network Program Upgrade (MMPU)
  • B-2 Common VLF Receiver (CVR) Inc 1
  • CVR Inc 2
  • B-52 VLF/LF Integration
  • E-4B Low Frequency Transmit System (LFTS)
  • Strategic Automated Command and Control System – Replacement (SACCS-R)
  • B-52 AEHF Integration
  • Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminals (FAB-T)
  • Presidential and National Voice Conferencing (PNVC) Integrator

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